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Who would have thought that you could be from downtown Toronto to the 4 Seasons Country Club Weddings facility in less than an hour?  Leave the hustle bustle of downtown and you and your guests would be in the quiet country setting of our manicured golf course and gardens.  Enjoy our warm country golf course setting and knowledgeable caring staff. Relax in the knowledge that we have the experience of three decades of Bridal Service in Durham Region as a wedding venue. Our beautifully landscaped gardens and scenic views of the golf course, overlooking the valley of lush greenery is the perfect setting to capture your wedding day memories. 

4 Seasons Country Club

RR #5

Concession Road 8 - #1900 

Claremont, On

L1Y 1A2 


Main Business #: (905) 649-2436 or

Toll Free:  (877) 406-8583


Contact:  Karen Simpson


Please feel free to contact us at any time as we are pleased to answer any questions or help out any way possible.  We look forward to hearing from you as well as seeing you soon.




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